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Pupps Pre & Probiotic Treats

Build a Foundation for Better Dog Health

"They stopped my dog from eating grass, cut down on his bum scooting, cleared up his itchy ears, and settled his sensitive tummy."

Emma W - Verified Pupps Customer

Help your dog overcome issues like anal gland discomfort, bum scooting, itchy or dirty ears, and digestive troubles with our Pre & Probiotic Digestive Treats, designed to show improvement in just 30 days. These veterinarian-approved treats are expertly formulated to promote healthy digestion and bowel movements, strengthen immunity, and maintain balanced gut flora.

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100% Natural Ingredients


Support Immunity & Digestion

Reduce Gas & Bad Breath

Bum Scoot & Anal Gland Support

Nourish Healthy Gut Bacteria

Healthy Bowel Movements

Clear Waxy, Dirty & Itchy Ears

Stop Grass Eating


Support Immunity & Digestion

Reduce Gas & Bad Breath

Bum Scoot & Anal Gland Support

Nourish Healthy Gut Bacteria

Healthy Bowel Movements

Clear Waxy, Dirty & Itchy Ears

Stop Grass Eating

At Pupps, we're all about keeping things natural and friendly, just like a good belly rub. No nasties here – only 100% natural goodness.

Curious about what goes into our Pre & Probiotic treats? Here’s a sneak peek at some of our star ingredients and why we love them:

5-Strain Probiotic Blend

Boosts digestive health and reinforces the immune system through a diverse spectrum of live beneficial bacteria.

Bacillus Subtilis

Strengthens gut flora balance and supports immune defence with its resilient, spore-forming probiotic action.

Dried Pumpkin

Supports digestive regularity and provides a rich source of vitamins for overall gastrointestinal wellness.


Facilitates digestion and helps in breaking down proteins, thanks to its naturally occurring enzyme, papain.

Hemp Oil & Powder

Promotes a healthy digestive tract and aids in maintaining optimal bowel health with its rich fibre content.

Greek Yoghurt

Introduces beneficial cultures that assist in gut health maintenance and enhance the body's natural immune responses.

Organic Passion Flower

Offers powerful antioxidant properties and aids in protecting cells from oxidative stress while supporting immunity.

Pre & Probiotic Treats


Top Choice For Digestive Health: More than 6,000 5-star reviews celebrate our delicious treats for supporting gut health and enhancing digestive comfort.

100,000+ Dogs Can't Be Wrong: Widely trusted across the UK for turning dogs with sensitive stomachs into content, comfortable companions.

Delicious, Not Stressful: Our duck-flavoured treats make supporting gut health a delight, not a duty.

Real Results, Happy Pets: "Within a month, Max's digestive issues significantly improved with Pupps treats. He's more energetic and content, and that's a relief for us both!" - Alex

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Money Back 60 Day Guarantee: Try our treats for 60 days, and if you're not completely thrilled, contact us for a no-questions-asked refund

Benefits of daily use

Supports Digestive Health

Daily servings of our Pre & Probiotic Treats contribute to a balanced digestive system, helping to ease discomfort from sensitive stomachs and promoting smoother digestion.


With a blend of natural prebiotics and probiotics, these treats work to strengthen your dog's immune system, providing an extra layer of defense against common health issues.

Improves Gut Flora Balance

Regular use helps maintain a healthy balance of gut bacteria, crucial for your dog's overall health, nutrient absorption, and well-being.

Reduces Unwanted Behaviours

By improving gut health, these treats can also reduce symptoms related to digestive distress, such as grass eating, excessive gas, and irregular bowel movements, leading to a happier, more comfortable pet.

Pupps' Pre & Probiotic Treats are much more than simple gut health supplements.

Every daily treat delivers a targeted blend of essential wellness aids, synergistically designed to support your dog's digestive health, optimise nutrient absorption, and contribute to their overall wellbeing.

Pre & Probiotics

Probiotics enhance gut health, improve nutrient absorption, and support the immune system. Prebiotics are specialised fibres that nourish these beneficial bacteria, ensuring a healthy, sustained gut environment.

Digestive Health Support

Selected for their efficacy, our natural ingredients offer comprehensive support for your dog's digestion. This includes enzymes and fibres that aid food breakdown, promoting efficient nutrient absorption and easing digestive processes.

Immunity Enhancement

A healthy gut is key to a strong immune system. Our treats are enriched with components known to boost immune health, protecting your pet from sickness and enhancing their natural defence mechanisms.

Gut Flora Balance

Our formula is designed to promote a balanced digestive tract, encouraging the growth of good bacteria and inhibiting harmful ones. This balance is essential for maintaining your dog's health and preventing digestive issues.

Nutrient-Dense Composition

Crafted with a selection of vitamins, minerals, and other beneficial ingredients, our treats ensure a holistic approach to your dog's health, providing a broad spectrum of nutritional benefits with every bite.

All-Natural Ingredients

Formulated with entirely natural components, each treat delivers essential nutrients without artificial additives, supporting gut health, enhancing skin and coat quality, and improving vitality, for a comprehensive health solution.

4.8/5 rating - 19,938 reviews

loved by thousands

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5/5 rating

"I'm impressed with the improvement in our Dachshund's overall health since starting on Pupps' Pre and Probiotic Treats."


Pupps' Pre & Probiotic Treats

5/5 rating

"Our boy had ongoing digestion problems, but since using Pupps' Pre and Probiotic Treats, he's been much better."


Pupps' Pre & Probiotic Treats

5/5 rating

"Fantastic! My dog is so much more relaxed now."

Leyandra O.

Pupps' Pre & Probiotic Treats

Tailored Treats. Daily Wellness. Lifelong Health.


Prebiotics + probiotics = optimal digestion and nutrient absorption, powering your dog's gut health.


Direct link to stronger immunity? A healthy gut. Our treats make it happen.


Balance good bacteria, combat the bad. Essential for digestion, essential for health.


Digestive enzymes in play mean more nutrients absorbed, more health benefits reaped.


4.5 Stars from over 14,000 Customers

Endorsed By

the UK's Top Veterinary Experts

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