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Our Brand Story

Several years ago, my partner and I embarked on an exciting new chapter by moving into our first home, a moment made all the more special with the arrival of Rory, our adorable Maltipoo. The joy and laughter he brought into our lives were immeasurable, but as Rory settled in, we faced challenges that many pet owners can resonate with. As we resumed our daily routines, leaving Rory alone became an unavoidable part of our lives. The sight of him feeling anxious and upset, captured by the doggy cam each time we left, tugged at our hearts.

Rory's journey, like that of many pets, was accompanied by health challenges. Tummy troubles, allergies, and a general sense of discomfort led us through an exhausting cycle of vet visits, costly medications, and a quest for answers that seemed just out of reach. This experience opened our eyes to a widespread issue – the lack of accessible, natural, and effective health solutions for pets.

This realisation marked the birth of Pupps. It became our mission to fill this gap in the UK dog health market, providing a lifeline for pets and owners facing similar trials. Pupps was born out of a shared experience, a journey of love, worry, and the relentless pursuit of wellbeing for our furry family members.

Our conversations with fellow pet owners revealed a universal narrative: anxious pups, dogs tormented by itching and scratching, and the humorous yet concerning sight of dogs 'bum scooting' on walks. These stories resonated deeply, reinforcing our commitment to make a tangible difference. We crafted our range of products with care and precision, ensuring each treat was 100% natural, free of harmful additives, and tailored to meet the specific needs of dogs.

Today, Pupps stands as a testament to the power of empathy, innovation, and community. We continue to reach dogs across the UK, constantly seeking new ways to enhance the lives of pets and their owners. Our journey is fuelled by the stories we share, the feedback we receive, and the unwavering bond between pets and their families. With Pupps, we're not just creating products; we're nurturing a community, fostering connections, and transforming lives, one wagging tail at a time. This is our story, a tale of love, resilience, and the unbreakable bond we share with our pets.

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