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Calming Treats

Within 30 days, our Natural Calming Treats can help your dog become calmer and more relaxed. These vet-approved treats are scientifically formulated to reduce your dog's hyperactivity, barking, anxiety, and fear, helping them lead a more peaceful and enjoyable life.

"These calming treats have really helped my dog with his anxiety. He's much less reactive, not as hyper, and he's also barking less at people and other dogs."

Leah R

Verified buyer

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Hemp Oil & Powder (400MG)
Organic Chamomile Powder (200MG)
Colostrum (200mg)
L-Tryptophan 98% (90MG)
Organic Passion Flower (120MG)
Valerian Root (80MG)
Organic Ginger Root Powder (80MG)
L-Theanine (40MG)
Vitamin B1 (25MG)

Inactive Ingredients:
Natural Pork Flavouring
Sunflower Lecithin
Palm Fruit Oil
Coconut Glycerin
Powdered Cellulose
Rosemary Extract
Mixed Tocopherols
Garbanzo Flour
Sweet Potato
Pea Flour
Sorbic Acid

Nutritional Values:
Crude Protein ≥ 23.8%
Crude Fat ≥ 24.3%
Crude Fibre ≥ 4%
Crude Ash ≤ 10%
Moisture ≤8%

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  • We exclusively deliver within the United Kingdom.
  • Enjoy free delivery with an expected delivery time of 2-3 days, often arriving sooner.

"Our Hassle-Free Returns"

  • We offer a 30-day return policy.
  • For unopened tubs of treats, you can get a full product refund (minus shipping).
  • To initiate a return, email us at with your order number and return address.
  • Items must be in their original, unused condition with tags and packaging intact.
  • Proof of purchase is required.
  • Unfortunately, we can't accept returns for sale items or gift cards.

Explore our website for more details or assistance. We're here to help!

  • Try our treats risk-free for 60 days.
  • If you're not thrilled, we'll refund your purchase.
  • No questions asked!
  • Give your furry friend the very best without worry.
  • Contact us within 60 days.
  • It's that simple!

Discover the Pupps difference today!

Based on your dog's weight;

  • > 4.5 kg: 1 soft chew per day
  • 5-18 kg: 2 soft chews per day
  • 18-36 kg: 3 soft chews per day
  • 36+ kg: 4 soft chews per day
  • No Compromises
    In Quality
  • 60 Day Money Back
  • Free Shipping
    On All Orders
  • Anxiety

    Infused with natural ingredients to alleviate dog anxiety symptoms.

  • Stress

    Designed to reduce canine stress, these treats balance emotion with holistic care.

  • Fear

    Tailored for fearful dogs, our treats boost confidence and reduce negative reactions.

At Pupps, we're all about keeping things natural and friendly, just like a good belly rub. No nasties here – only 100% natural goodness.

Curious about what goes into our treats? Here’s a sneak peek at some of our star ingredients and why we love them:

Hemp Oil & Powder

Enhances brain function and promotes calm with its rich omega-3 and omega-6 content.

Organic Chamomile Powder

Soothes stress and anxiety, offering natural relaxation for your pet.

Organic Passion Flower

Alleviates anxiety and nervousness with its calming effects, ideal for pet relaxation.

Organic Ginger Root Powder

Supports digestion and reduces nausea with its anti-inflammatory properties, improving your dog's well-being.

Pupps' 100% Natural Calming Treats

Help With;

Stress & Anxiety

Our blend of natural oils and powders promotes relaxation and a sense of calm, reducing fear, stress, and nerves in various situations.


With the calming properties of L-Tryptophan and Ginger Root, we help soothe aggressive behaviour that may arise from encounters with new people, animals, or unfamiliar situations.


Harnessing the power of Passion Flower and Chamomile, our formula effectively reduces barking in dogs that react to triggers both at home and during walks.


Our blend of Valerian Root and L-glutamine encourages better, more peaceful sleep, easing restlessness without causing drowsiness.


Passion Flower and L-glutamine provide support for dogs experiencing anxiety, fear, whining, destructive behaviour, and nerves when left alone.


Valerian Root and Passion Flower work together to calm and relax hyperactive behaviours such as jumping, lunging, biting, and excessive barking.

The Pupps Advantage

Here's why over 100,000 dog owners have chosen Pupps

Pupps Products Other Treats Prescribed Medication
100% Natural Ingredients
120 Treats per tub
60 Day Money Back Guarantee
Free, Fast Delivery
GMO & Grain Free
GMP Certified Facility

Calming Treats

Calming Treats


Calming Treats: Your Questions Answered

Discover All About Our Relaxing Treats for Your Furry Friend!

Calming Treats contain natural ingredients that support relaxation and reduce stress in dogs by targeting their nervous system. These treats are designed to help dogs stay calm during anxiety-inducing situations.

Yes, you can give Calming Treats daily. They are formulated with safe ingredients and can be used as part of your dog's regular routine to promote a sense of calmness and reduce stress.

Yes, Calming Treats are suitable for all dog breeds and sizes. The formula is carefully crafted to be effective for various breeds, helping them manage stress and anxiety.

Results can vary, but many pet owners notice an improvement in their dog's calmness within a few weeks of consistent use. For optimal results, use them in combination with positive behavioural training.

We're confident your dog will love our treats. However, if your dog isn't a fan, we offer a satisfaction guarantee. Contact our customer service for assistance.

Yes, we offer subscription plans that ensure your dog never runs out of their favourite treats. You can customise the frequency of deliveries to suit your needs.

At Pupps, we understand the importance of early care for puppies. Our calming treats are formulated with natural ingredients suitable for dogs of all ages. However, for puppies as young as 8 weeks, we recommend consulting your vet first to ensure they are appropriate for your puppy’s specific needs and development stage.

If your dog accidentally consumes more than the recommended amount of calming treats, it's important to monitor them for any signs of discomfort or unusual behavior. While our treats are made with safe, natural ingredients, overconsumption can sometimes lead to mild digestive upset. If you notice any concerning symptoms, please contact your veterinarian immediately.

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