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A simple solution for

a calm, happy dog.

Say goodbye to your dog's anxiety and fear and say hello to a happy, calm pup with our Calming Treats.

Veterinary approved, science-backed results.

Pure, delicious, 100% natural ingredients.

Noticeable difference in less than thirty days.

Easy, convenient chews for your dog to digest.

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60-Day Money-Back Guarantee

A simple solution for

an calm, happy dog.

Discover the Before & After of Pupps Calming Treats


Endless Agitation: Observing your dog's incessant restlessness and discomfort, leading to disruptive behaviour such as excessive barking and hyperactivity.

Behavioural Consultations & Medication: Regular visits to behavioural therapists, along with the stress of temporary fixes and the adverse effects of prescribed sedatives.

Concern & Powerlessness: The ongoing worry over your dog's state of mind, pondering if a solution exists to alleviate their anxiety.

Compromised Bonding Time: Your valuable moments with your beloved pet are marred by their unease and your distress.


Soothing Tranquillity: Our treats are infused with natural ingredients renowned for their calming effects, significantly diminishing anxiety and hyperactivity.

Behavioural Improvement: Witness the transformation in your dog's demeanour, becoming more composed and manageable, thanks to ingredients that foster a serene mindset.

Peace of Mind: Gain comfort in knowing you're offering your dog a safe, herbal remedy, breaking free from the cycle of behavioural consultations and medications.

Quality Time Restored: Rekindle the joyous, uninterrupted bonding and play, as your dog revels in the calmness and contentment provided by Pupps Calming Treats.

A delicious daily treat for

Noticeable results in as little as 2 weeks.

Absolute transformation of his behaviour

"We struggled with our boy's restlessness and anxiety until we tried Pupps Calming Treats. I was sceptical at first, but the difference is night and day. He's now calm and focused - no more endless pacing. A big win for us!"

- Maggie C. |

Verified Buyer

So amazed at how effective these are

"I had almost given up hope for my dog's anxiety during car journeys. After a friend recommended Pupps Calming Treats, I noticed a change in just weeks! He's now relaxed in the car, and we can enjoy trips without worry. Can't thank you enough for this miracle! 🙏"

- Victoria G. |

Verified Buyer

After the first month of using Pupps

"Dealing with our pup's separation anxiety was a constant stress. After trying Pupps, the improvement was remarkable. He's much more at ease when alone, and he's noticeably happier. This product has been a game-changer for our family's peace of mind!"

Natasha Ten |

Verified Buyer

93% of anxiety & stress solutions

provide only temporary respite for persistent restlessness.

That's because they've got it backwards.

To ensure lasting calmness and mental wellbeing, your dog's care should relax, support, and strengthen, beginning from within.


Chamomile is a fundamental ingredient in your dog's path to tranquillity. Celebrated for its calming effects, this gentle herb helps ease anxiety and promote relaxation. The natural compounds in chamomile, such as apigenin, work to soothe your dog's nervous system, supporting a peaceful state of mind. Incorporating Chamomile into your pet's daily routine not only helps diminish stress but also aids in enhancing their overall mood and emotional well-being.


L-Theanine, derived from green tea leaves, is vital for maintaining your dog's calm demeanour. Known for its ability to increase alpha brain waves, L-Theanine encourages a relaxed but alert state, ideal for dogs experiencing anxiety or stress. This amino acid assists in balancing your dog's emotions, reducing irritability, and promoting a sense of serenity. A consistent intake of L-Theanine can significantly improve your dog's ability to cope with stressful situations, ensuring they remain composed and content.

Valerian Root

Valerian Root is key to managing your dog's stress and anxiety levels. This powerful herb has been used for centuries to induce relaxation and improve sleep quality. Its sedative properties are attributed to the presence of valerenic acid, which enhances the action of GABA, a neurotransmitter that regulates nerve impulses in your dog's brain. Regular supplementation with Valerian Root not only helps calm anxious behaviours but also supports deeper, more restorative sleep, contributing to your dog's overall mental and physical health.

By seamlessly integrating these pivotal components into our bespoke Calming Treats, Pupps aspires to bolster your dog's mental wellbeing from within. This comprehensive strategy not only alleviates distress but also reinforces their ability to cope with stressors, guaranteeing profound relaxation and safeguarding against anxiety.

The result?

A serene, stress-free dog exuding tranquillity and happiness.

Pupps Calming Treats Vs Others

We cut no corners to bring you exceptional quality that tastes amazing and delivers results as promised.


120 Treats per Tub: Abundant supply, ensuring consistent, effective care.

Limited Quantity: Frequent vet visits due to a small number of treats or medications.

Superior Potency: Concentrated active ingredients for more effective, long-lasting relief.

Diluted Ingredients: Less effective, frequent repurchases required.

UK's #1 Soft Chew: Commitment to top-quality, effective chews.

Generic Options: Questionable quality, lacking market recognition.

100% Natural: Pure care with no synthetic additives.

Synthetic Additives: Potential health risks from artificial ingredients.

Allergen-Free: No wheat, corn, sugar, grains, or preservatives.

Contains Allergens: Can worsen sensitivities, leading to health issues.

GMO & Grain-Free: Respecting natural dietary needs for holistic well-being.

GMOs & Grains: Contrary to natural dietary needs, potentially harmful.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed: Confident in our product's quality and effectiveness.

No Satisfaction Guarantee: Uncertainty about product effectiveness and quality.

See what our customers say...

Amy D.

Verified Buyer


Calmer Days


Buddy was often tense and on edge, especially on walks, until we discovered Pupps on Instagram. In the past 2 weeks, we've seen such a change in his demeanour; he's much more relaxed. I can't praise this company enough.

Lisa H.

Verified Buyer


To Reduce Hyperactivity


We've been on the lookout for a product that helps with Ruby's hyperactivity. She absolutely savours the taste of these treats, and their calming effects have noticeably reduced her frenetic energy. Highly recommended.

Carrie C.|

Verified Buyer


To Calm and Comfort


My 1-year-old spaniel used to be jittery and uneasy most of the day. Since he started on the calming treats, there's been a remarkable decrease in his anxiety levels. Would highly recommend to anyone whose dog seems constantly on edge.

Sophie T.

Verified Buyer


Easing Separation Anxiety


I was sceptical about Pupps’ Calming Treats, considering my dog's distress when left alone. But after a month, the transformation is incredible. He's so much more at ease, and he adores these treats. They've been a real life-changer!

Endorsed By

the UK's Top Veterinary Experts

Calming Treats


Top Choice For Calming: Our delicious treats, backed by over 10,000 5-star reviews, are celebrated for their stress-relieving prowess.

100,000+ Dogs Can't Be Wrong: Embraced across the UK, Pupps is renowned for converting restless, anxious dogs into peaceful, content companions.

Delicious, Not Stressful: Forget the fuss of tablets. Our chicken-flavoured treats make calming your dog a joy, not a struggle.

Real Results, Happy Pets: "Within a fortnight, Max's anxious pacing has nearly ceased, all thanks to Pupps. He's more relaxed, and that's a relief to us both!" - Julie

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Money Back 60 Day Guarantee: Try our treats for 60 days, and if you're not completely thrilled, contact us for a no-questions-asked refund

100% Happiness Guarantee

Happy customers are our no. 1 priority so we offer a 60-day 100% happiness guarantee. If you’re not delighted with your purchase, you may return your package to us for a refund anytime within the first 90 days of your purchase. We’ll even provide a free return shipping label!

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